Down Payment Assistance
The First Step

Owning your home no longer has to be a dream! With the Down Payment Assistance Program, qualified low to moderate income homebuyers can get a low-interest loan for the down payment of their home.  These loans cover the down payment and closing costs and come with a minimal interest rate.  The San Luis Valley Housing Coalition offers these loans so that community members may live in safe, affordable homes and can still afford to live. 

Your loan will be secured by a Deed of Trust against your home. The monthly payments you make are deposited into a Revolving Loan fund so that others may benefit from the program as well.

To qualify for the Down Payment Assistance Program you must:

-live in the home as your primary residence, 
-meet the required income guidelines,
-have permanent financing through a lending institution
-take "first time home buyers" class-589-1680.


INTEREST RATE1-5% fixed interest.

LOAN TERM      Based on affordability, loans may be amortized up to ten years.

LOAN AMOUNTWill vary depending on purchase price of home up to $12,000.

For many home buyers added help is necessary.  The SLVHC can offer you that added help!


   1 PERSON                             $35,750
   2 PERSONS                           $40,850
   3 PERSONS                           $45,950
   4 PERSONS                           $51,040
   5 PERSONS                           $55,150
We currently are not funding FHA loans. Please check back as we hope to do so in the future.